Workshop:  We play a local course, followed by talking and writing about M. Scott Peck’s Golf and the Spirit  in order to discover why we  are so obsessed with the sport.   We usually give all the wrong reasons, and discovering better ones might improve our game.  For times, see 2017-2018 Schedule and Fees blog.


Bill’s Quick Take on the Golf workshop

If it didn’t sound so corny, I’d call this a playshop instead of workshop.  At its core is enjoying the game by playing wonderfully different local courses here in sunny Arizona when it’s probably snowing elsewhere, and then taking time to trade facile answers for more thoughtful ones about what keeps us coming back to this game we love–despite wind, rain, and bad days.  For my own personal take, see the blog on Home Page: the answer, surprisingly, has to do with the word “intimate.”

I don’t know about female, but male golfers typically list three reasons for playing the game:  1)business/socio-economic–“Where I live, playing golf signifies a man’s social worth”);   2)exercise/friendship–“It’s a good way to get some exercise and hang with the guys”); and 3) relaxing/stress relief –“Golf clears my mind and takes me away from the stress of work, wife, and obligations.”   I’ve found it rare for men to give a fourth reason, the topic of this workshop, but think many inwardly count it the most valuable, even if they’ve never stopped to ponder it.

Famous psychologist M.Scott Peck (The Road Less Traveled) did stop to analyze it, and describes what golf can do for a person in Golf and the Spirit.  Our workshop is based around the book, hence it should be read for our afternoon talks.   I’ll be providing copies from his book, but if you wish to read it, I think you could skip half the book, which talks too much about obvious basics.  Read chapters 4,5,6,8, 14, 15, 16.