“I tried to stop writing but couldn’t.”  The result is LiveWriteWords, my effort to help emerging writers or anyone suffering a creativity drain to write better right now. I invite you to read about my background and mission, and hope you will check out memoir, novel, poetry , and golf workshops.

See the 2017-2018 Workshop Schedule and Fees for detailed descriptions of current offerings, plus other writing events.

For more information, please contact me at  Livewritewordsworkshops@gmail.com.

Local writers are invited to the free Thursday afternoon Writers’ Group gatherings at the Lowe House, second & fourth Thursdays every month.  We read and critique.  There’s also another discussion group for Local Historians.  See the post on 2017-2018 Workshop Schedules.

I forgot to add this possible workshop to the new Schedule:


Anyone interested in a one-on-one one day workshop should contact me at my e-mail address.

It could include such  important aspects of fiction, essay, and memoir writing as:
Finding your voice (in the continuum from objective/ discursive/essayist voice to poetic voice);
Plot versus character arc (moving characters through increasingly intense climaxes);
Finding and handling theme (invisible symbolic, metaphoric, mythic, imagistic, and moral levels);
Different organization strategies (orchestrating different voices & ‘chunks’; problems with time);
Revising, rewriting, editing, preparing for publication (versus earlier free-writing and first drafts);
Basics (cogency, correctness, clarity, best word choice, fluidity, sentence structure, tone);
Achieving reader appeal (avoiding condescending or over-writing or under-writing);
Answering hidden questions your prose presents (pulling together unexpected connections);
Keeping a forward flow with structured units  (stop-time; flash forward/backward; repetition).

“The road to artistic mastery is through systematic development of fictional techniques”
John Gardner



Dr. Stephenson will gladly assist with editing for less than the customary $50/hour fee.